MSC Profile Metal Inc.
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Since 1969

In 1969, Mevlüt ÜLGER has started its commercial activities in the form of Scrap Collection as a private company in the Altındağ New Industrial Zone in Ankara. In 1992, İvedik Hurdacılar Site ÜLGER METAL SAN.Tİ LTD.ŞTİ. has continued its activities as a sole proprietorship. The stability in the sector, with the success in business life since 2014, ÜLGER METAL SAN.Tİ LTD.ŞTİ, ÜLGER METAL TİC. Inc. continues its commercial activities.


In order not to ignore the needs of the society, which has become more sensitive to the environment as a result of the close monitoring of the developments in the scrap sector in 2016, Ankara Saray Mahallesi Ansa Koop. a recycling facility was established in accordance with the standards required by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. With the required LICENSE and documents, it continues to serve with 12.000 tons / year Aluminum Billet production capacity. Aluminum Billets are produced with a purity of 96-99%.

Recycling company MSC with the latest technology using filter equipment,

The company continues its production activities with an understanding that prioritizes environmental awareness. Our company closely follows the developments in the industry and firstly, with the principle of safety at work, always the best product

securing will always continue to strengthen its position in the sector with the understanding of providing better quality products and services.